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Building the Present, Investing in the Future

The UC Riverside Foundation is a nonprofit corporation through which philanthropic resources flow to the University of California, Riverside. Established in 1977, the foundation raises, records and manages gifts from individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations for the sole benefit of UCR in accordance with donors' wishes.

The growth of the foundation enables investment in the present and future of UCR's colleges, programs, research and students. Its success depends on the financial support of our dedicated and generous alumni, friends, parents and patrons who understand that the research and teaching taking place in UCR's classrooms and laboratories have the potential to change our world for the better.

The UCR Foundation Leadership

The foundation is also people — leaders who care about UCR and who advance its mission by serving on the board of trustees, by seeking and securing private support for all of its programs, and by representing UCR in the community.

The business affairs and property of the foundation are managed by, and all corporate powers of the foundation are vested in, its Board of Trustees. Mrs. Susan Atherton serves as chair of the organization. Through their individual generosity, our trustees have:

  • Named schools, colleges and programs.
  • Endowed academic chairs, created scholarships and fellowships.
  • Opened doors to increase support and collaboration between their industries and UCR.

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